9 Unique and Funny Wedding Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything


If you’re having trouble finding that perfect wedding gift, it might be time to think outside the box and give the bride and groom something they wouldn’t expect to receive at their wedding. The list below includes some unique, fun, and even downright weird wedding gifts that will give your friends a good laugh while still providing them with something they’ll use once they’re married.


Comedy Books


There’s a certain kind of couple that has everything. They just bought their first house together, have an amazing job and are very stylish in every way. But, does that mean you can’t get them a gift? Of course not! You’re not going to find those types of couples on your registry at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. However, that doesn’t mean you should go with what they need either; they already have those things covered. Instead, look into gifting them with funny gifts designed to make them laugh out loud while remembering what life was like before they settled down together. Comedy books make great wedding gifts since they can be read as a couple over and over again as well as individually when life gets stressful.


At Home Fun


Let’s face it, weddings can be incredibly expensive. But it doesn’t have to break your bank to give a thoughtful gift. If you really want to get creative with a budget-friendly wedding gift, why not look into products that will allow them to have more fun at home? Whether they are newlyweds or newly-empty nesters, there are plenty of unique gadgets on Amazon that will ensure you’re always on their mind! From cool tech gadgets to house-themed decorations, these personalized gifts will keep them laughing every time they get ready for bed.


Personalized Hygiene Products


Personalized gifts are always a good idea, but when it comes to something as personal as hygiene products, you can’t go wrong. Buying your bridal party some combination of monogrammed or personalized toothbrushes, soaps, nail files, or lotions will be sure to give them an unusual gift they’ll love and use often. Even better: gifting these items ensures that you’re stocked up on wedding-day beauty essentials for yourself! Not that we think you need any help looking your best on your big day. You’re gorgeous just as you are! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, personalized hygiene products are a unique gift option anyone will appreciate (and use).


Coffee Table Book


Some couples choose to record their story—their love, their marriage, their life together—in a coffee table book. It might be fun to look back at old pictures or share family stories (or your story!) with friends. Plus, it will offer you an excuse to spend more time together in the future. Whether you choose a professional photographer or decide to snap your own pictures on your smartphone, putting together a collage of memories is a wonderful way to relive memories of your wedding day as well as every other significant day since. The first few years of marriage can go by quickly (and if you have kids?), so having something physical like a coffee table book can remind you how far you’ve come in such a short period of time.


Power Tools


Not every couple is equipped with an arsenal of power tools—but that doesn’t mean they can’t get their hands on some! Borrowing from a neighbor, buying new or used (or even rented), or heading to a home improvement store are all ways to access power tools that aren’t in your immediate arsenal. And while we don’t recommend any of them (we know you want to please, not hurt your friends), here are 9 Funny Wedding Gift Ideas that might just be worth it


Fleece Blanket Set


You can’t go wrong with a fleece blanket set as a wedding gift. It’s a practical, comfy gift that everyone needs in their lives, no matter how old they are. You can put together a set of two or four (depending on how big you want to get). With so many beautiful colors to choose from, you can definitely find something that will fit any taste!


The Ultimate Ice Cream Maker


Sometimes, you just have to have ice cream. While there are plenty of great recipes that don’t involve turning on your old-fashioned or high-tech ice cream maker, sometimes you want to live a little. And by that I mean do things like sit in front of your TV with a bowl of creamy goodness. If you’re going to splurge, why not make it worth it?


Retro Apron Set


Retro couples aprons are a fun twist on classic wedding gifts. Imagine wedding guests cracking up as they watch John tie on an apron with Bad to the Bone imprinted across it, or see Jane slip into her 1960s nurse uniform. Retro gear can easily be found online at sites like Etsy, or you can check out vintage stores in your local area.

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