An Overview of Indian Basmati rice exports

importers of basmati rice. Population growth is the driving force behind the growth of sales of all consumer goods. Basmati rice is perceived to be a premium product and a rise in disposable incomes can drive sales of basmati like any other premium commodity.

Rising population, disposable income, and health awareness driving sales of basmati rice

Indian Basmati rice exports

Basmati is a low-fat high nutrition rice variety and is preferred by health-conscious individuals worldwide over driving sales.    

India to dominate APEJ basmati rice market

APEJ (the Asia Pacific excluding Japan) is the leader of basmati rice exporting regions and India is the most prominent among all APEJ basmati rice exporting countries. Basmati rice in bulk can be exported from all APEJ countries using B2B next-generation procurement platform. A huge number of basmati rice buyers and sellers are registered on this platform. Any basmati rice exporter or importer can register on this platform using easy steps. 

Major Basmati Rice producing states of India

Basmati rice is primarily produced in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. India exports 65% of its basmati rice production. 1121 basmati rice has become the most popular variety exported by India. Sella basmati, golden sella, Uganda, sharbat, and pusa basmati are important varieties exported from India. 

The expected increase in Basmati rice consumption by 5.7% is good news for India

As 70% of total basmati production happens in India, the expected increase in basmati rice consumption is very good news for India. $5.8 billion is the share of the basmati rice trade in total rice trade of $275 billion, which is a meager 2.1%. 76% of basmati rice is captured by India. Basmati rice consumption will show an upward trend in the future, it is fast becoming favorite rice variety of many because of its aroma, taste and nutritional value. 

Difference between basmati and non-basmati rice 

Compared to non-basmati rice, basmati rice contains 12 times more aromatic compounds giving basmati its trademark fragrance and flavor. This aroma is similar to that found in fruits, cheese, and other cereals. Basmati rice export is important but non-basmati rice export is also equally important. Apart from basmati rice, other varieties grown in India are brown rice, mogra rice, jasmine rice, sona masuri, samba rice, sticky rice, bamboo rice, and many more. 

Outline of rice market including basmati rice market

  • The future of the Indian rice export market is secure but a little bit uncertain.
  • Vietnamese rice is costlier than Indian rice in the international market.
  • Rice import to Iran from Pakistan is bad news for India.
  • Japonica is the dominant rice variety in the international rice market.
  • Rice is a staple food for half of the global populace.
  • Most rice is produced in Asia pacific. 
  • Rice is second only to maize among cereals in order of importance.
  • Rice is important for the food security of South Asian and East Asian countries. 
  • Maize is most produced by rice and is the most consumed cereal in this world. 
  • 27.08% of total basmati rice consumption is concentrated in the middle east.
  • The expected CAGR between 2017 and 2022 is 11%.
  • World food security concerns are drivers of the Indian rice trade.
  • Growth in global basmati rice is expected to be steady.
  • Demand for basmati rice to growing in Germany and Netherlands.   
  • EU removing or minimizing fungicide norms would spur growth in the basmati rice trade.
  • India’s Agri commodities market is vast and basmati rice is a small part of it but basmati rice promotes the brand India.
  • The high price of basmati rise may retard the growth of the basmati rice export market.
  • Polished rice consumption regularly is not very good for health and an increase in awareness about this fact can also retard the growth of the basmati rice trade.

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