Best Friendship Quotes-for your Best Friend

Friendship, an only relation which we make by our own sense, it is the relation which we make from heart, other relations are received by birth but the friendship is the unique relation which we make for ourselves, for our joy, A friend is true, a friend in need, who stand us in every situation, who never let us alone, who wants to see us happy, who is always worried about us, I have a best friend who never let me alone, she is inside my heart, she cares me, she loves me, she is always worried about my health. she protects us from the harm of the world. She wants to see me happy every time. He can’t see the tears in my eyes, he can’t bear that someone hurts me. She fights for me. She does not allow me to friendship others because she cares for me and is scared that no one hurt me she wants my safety.

Best friend and the sincere friend is the great blessing of Allah Almighty and I am thankful to Allah that he has gifted me a beautiful gift in the form of a best friend. I call her from many names, I love her a lot care her a lot, and he used to rebuke me but she is the best girl, the most sincere person in my life who cares for me.

friendship quotes

Sweet Friend

Sweet fruit is nice to eat…

Sweet words are easy to say…

But Sweet friend hard to find

, & its your goodness,

How did u find Me…

friendship quotes


Tumhari yaado ko yoo bhula na paye gy hum… Aye “Dost”

Dosti kii kasam zindagi bhar yaad aayen gy hum….

Missing you all my friends

friendship quotes

Lovely Star

When the life is down and its dark all around,

There comes a star that’s not too far,

That star is you my friend.

Stay with me forever.

friendship quotes

Meethi sab sy baat Krna main ny us sy seekha Hai,

Yarro Main kiya batoon

Mera dost Aisa Meetha Hai.

My lovely Friend

friendship quotes

Friend like a Star

when life is down

and it’s dark all around,

There comes a star

that’s not too far,

That star is you, my friend,

friendship quotes

Nice lines for true Friend

I can’t promise to solve your problems,

But I can promise that

you would not have to face them alone

friendship quotes


I asked God for a flower,

he gave me a garden.

Asked for a tree,

he gave me a forest.

Asked for a river,

he gave me an ocean.

Asked for a friend,

he gave me yo.

friendship quotes

Naughty Fiends

Ay dost khwab me achanak naa aaya kroo..

Mera dill kamzoor hai

traah nikal jata ha…

love you guys !!!!

friendship quotes

Friends Forever

What did I ever do, To deserve a friend like you?

I’m glad I did, because

my wish to have a friend as amazing as you,

Has come true

friendship quotes

Best Friends Forever

Every relation is beautiful,

But real love is most beautiful,

Every light is Good,

But sunlight is best,

Every friend is sweet,

But you are so sweet

friendship quotes

True Friends

True friends are those rare people

who come to find you in dark places

and lead you back to the lights

friendship quotes

Anything is possible

when you have

the right people there

to supports you

friendship quotes

good friend

A good friend is a connection to life

– a tie to the past ,

a Road to the future,

the key to sanity in a totally insane world.

friendship quotes

Never leave a friend behind.

Friends are all we have to get us through this life –

and they are the only thing from this world

that we could hope to see in the next

friendship quotes

Frienship is the hardest thing in the world to explain.

it’s not something you learn in school.

But if you have learneed the meaning of friendship ,

you really have not learned the anything

friendship quotes

Friendship is not a game to play,

it is not a word to say,

it doesn’t start on March and ends on May,

it is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday

friendship quotes

when you walk,

the flowers give you smiles.

When you talk,

the whole world wants to hear you.

When I’m with you,

I feel amazing and time flies.

You are my best friend And

I will always need you.

friendship quotes

Don’t walk behind me;

I may not lead.

Don’t walk in front of me;

I may not follow.

Just walk beside me

and be my best friend

friendship quotes

when you walk,

the flowers give you smiles.

When you talk,

the whole world wants to hear you.

When I’m with you,

I feel amazing and time flies.

You are my best friend And

I will always need you

A strong friendship doesnot need daily conversation

I don’t want to see her sad, i always want to see her happy and blessed. A strong friendship does not need daily conversation. Whenever i see her sad , i internally feel strange. i feel as there is something wrong with her, that she is not in good condition, i really feel her pain. But i sometime i disturb her with nothing, i really don’t want to tease her, but there’s some moments when i disturb her. My care can disturb her , she is in worried in all time for me. Friendship is really a big responsibility, not everyone can afford it. I know to make friends and treat them. I really feel sad without them. Her happiness is my happiness, her problems are my problems. Whenver she is angry with me i really feel so strange for her. She is my hope. Whenever i said a complement for me she reply politely that you are my reflection, i don’t need to compliment, infact you are my compliment. I really feel peacefully her words. Her words make me smile all the time. I’m proud of her. She is so innocent and cute. She is so sensitive by heart and in these regards i never see her hurting, Inshallah i protect her at my last breath . May she happy and blessed Ameen. It is all for you my best friend.

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