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There is no relationship between Allah and anyone except through respect to Him. We were the most ashamed people on earth & Allah gave us praise through Islam. The more you read The Quran can you will fall in love. Turn to Allah and you will find His favor to heal every hurtful part of your heart and soul. Allah will guide you, He will bring exactness to your eyes, make soft your heart, and make firm your soul.

The meaning of the word Islam is ‘Submission to GOD,’ which means surrender yourself for Allah, and the word Muslim means ‘The Person Who Submit himself for God. Muslims trust that there is one God, and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is the Final Prophet. Islam is the religion of the human; the individual who practices Islam is considered a Muslim. Mostly, the brilliance of this planet draws us and seeks to wile us in its glory. On the other hand, we are still flapping to get rid of the beauty of this world and make


ow the teachings of Islam. This fight persists on both ends, and the one who succeeds in moving out of this environment is the one who will pass the final test, called “Day of Judgement.”

Islamic inspirational quotes

Us Kay Dar Pe Sakoon Milta Hai Us Ki ibadat Se Noor Milta Hai Jo Jhuk Gay

a Allah Kay Sajday Main Usay Kuch Na Kuch Zaror Milta Hai..!

اس کے در پہ سکون ملتا ہے اس کی عبادت سے نور ملتا ہے جو جھک گیا الله کے سجدے میں اسے کچھ نہ کچھ ضرور ملتا ہے

Islamic inspirational quotes

Allah Ka Shukar Ada Karo Ye Na Socho Allah Tumhari Dua Ko Foran

 Qabool Kyoun Nahin Karta Balkay Ye Shukar Karo Kay Wo Tumharay Gunahon Ki Saza Foran Nahin Daita..!

الله کا شکر ادا کرو یہ نہ سوچو الله تمہاری دعا کو

فورن قبول کیوں نہیں کرتا بلکہ یہ شکر کرو کے وہ تمہارے گناہوں کی سزا فورن نہیں دیتا

Islamic inspirational quotes

Apnay Behtareen Waqt Ko Namaz Kay Liay Waqf Kar Lo Kyoun Kay Tumharay Sab Kaam Tumhari Namaz Kay Bad Qabool Hon Gay..!

اپنے بہترین وقت کو نماز کے لیے وقف کر لو کیوں کے تمھارے سب کام تمہاری نماز کے بعد قبول ہوں گے

Islamic inspirational quotes

Aur Yahi Karam Kaafi Howa Allah Ka Kay Usnay Mujhay Rasool Allah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Ka Umati Banaya..!

اور یہی کرم کافی ہوا الله کا کے اسنے مجھے حضرت محمّد صلى الله عليه وسلم کا امتی بنایا

Islamic inspirational quotes

Allah Ko Wo insaan Bht Pasand Hai Jo Apni Jawani Allah Ki ibadat Main Guzaarta Hai..!

الله کو وہ انسان بہت پسند ہے جو اپنی جوانی الله کی عبادت میں گزارتا ہے

Islamic inspirational quotes

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