Data Professionals India Salaries: Analysis and Study

Data science has proven to be a lucrative career in India. The reason for this is that qualified people to fill the posts are in short supply. Data science employs processes, algorithms, scientific methods, and systems to gather knowledge and insights in the form of organized and unstructured data. Math, statistics, Data Science, and machine learning are also used, and the information and actionable insights are then applied to any particular application domain.

Data and analytics are used by businesses for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at the salary data for various Data Professionals in India to have a better idea of the job market

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Skills to Be a Data Professional

You must possess all of the necessary skills and expertise to be a successful Data Professional. This blog goes into greater detail on the skillset you’ll need to enter this field.

To succeed in any field, you must have a thorough understanding of it. Data Scientist is in the same boat. You must consider all business circumstances, as well as your capacity to make business decisions. The most important skill to have to become a Data Professional is a thorough understanding of business and its procedures.

Factors Affecting the Salary of a Data Professional in India

In India, the starting compensation for a data professional is not the same everywhere. Before agreeing on and negotiating pay, several aspects are examined. The following are some of the most essential considerations when hiring Data Professionals:

Based on Experience

One of the most important criteria that go into determining pay is experience. The ability to come up with more practical solutions and have more extensive knowledge, working agility, and stronger leadership skills increase with experience in the industry.

A Data Professional with more than three years of experience in the business will earn more money than a newcomer.

According to PayScale, the following is the average pay structure for Data Science Jobs depending on experience:

  • Entry Level (<1 yr of experience): ₹342,347 p.a.
  • Early Career (1–4 yrs of experience): ₹426,604 p.a.
  • Mid-career (5–9 yrs of experience): ₹696,444 p.a.
  • Experienced (>10 yrs of experience): ₹934,951 to ₹10,000,000 p.a.


Based on Skills

A Data Professional without the necessary experience to land a high-paying position might negotiate their remuneration entirely on the basis of their abilities. As a result, rather than obtaining a degree, upskilling is critical for obtaining a decent professional opportunity.

The following are some skill sets that can have a direct impact on a Data Professional’s pay scale:

Skills Average Annual Salary
Data Quality ₹ 1,600,000
Database Management & Reporting ₹ 462,215
SQL ₹ 501,064
Statistical Analysis ₹ 480,713
Microsoft Excel ₹ 394,932
Python ₹ 504,856
Web Analytics ₹ 750,000
Data Analysis ₹ 450,534

Based on Location

Another aspect that has a direct impact on pay scale is location. The cost of living in a city or state, as well as the demand for the profession, are the main factors. In Mumbai, a fresher Data Professional might earn the same as someone with 3–4 years of experience in Kolkata.

Consider the following salaries for Data Professionals based on their location:

Bengaluru The average salary of a Data Professional in Bengaluru is ₹519,692 p.a.
New Delhi The average salary of a Data Professional in New Delhi is ₹410,377 p.a.
Mumbai The average salary of a Data Professional in Mumbai is ₹405,150 p.a.
Chennai The average salary of a Data Professional in Chennai is ₹409,968 p.a.

Based on Industry

When it comes to recruiting a Data Professional, different firms and employers in different industries have distinct requirements. As a result, it’s understandable that the salary is affected by the company’s market position, the role, and the abilities necessary.

According to the employer, the average base income for a Data Professional in India is:

Employer Average Annual Salary
Tata Consultancy Services (IT) ₹ 519,215
Accenture (IT) ₹ 445,163
Tech Mahindra (IT) ₹ 725,000
Capgemini (IT) ₹ 509,334
Flipkart (E-commerce) ₹ 368,124
Cognizant (IT) ₹ 325,000
Infosys (IT) ₹ 385,484
Genpact (Professional services) ₹ 550,000
Latent View Analytics (Data and analytics) ₹ 700,000
Novartis (Pharma) ₹ 464,516


Data Professional Jobs is one of the most sought-after job opportunities in the IT business, with some of the highest-paying professionals. Companies generate a great amount of data every day, which is why these people have a variety of career prospects.

The average income of a Data Professional in India is 440,051 p.a., according to PayScale. However, as previously said, salaries might vary for a variety of reasons

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