Everything you need to know about VoIP

When it comes to VoIP and how it works, beginners frequently have questions. You may have heard that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) may be utilized to add a business phone number to your website. It is so popular that VoIP call recording is being used everywhere as well.


When it comes to getting a business phone number for your website, VoIP is a more cost-effective option than a regular phone line. However, before making a selection, you must thoroughly comprehend the technology.


Here, we explain what VoIP is, and how it works behind the scenes, for those who are new to the technology. As a business owner, your interest is piqued by the prospect of learning more about how VoIP might help you save money while also expanding your business.


What is VoIP?

You may make and receive phone calls via the internet instead of over regular phone lines using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology.

You can make and receive business phone calls from your laptop, tablet, conventional smartphone (using an App or software), and even VoIP-compatible workplace phone sets utilizing a VoIP phone service.

Because all calls are made over the internet, both local and long-distance (international) calls are incredibly affordable. Most corporate VoIP providers do not charge extra for unlimited minutes.


How does VoIP Work?

What occurs when you make or receive a VoIP phone call can help you better grasp how VoIP works. The analog audio signal is converted to a digital signal by the VoIP software or VoIP adapter when you make a phone call using VoIP. Your internet is used to send the digital voice data to your business phone service provider before it is sent to your customer’s phone. Because of this, the sound quality of VoIP conversations might be superior to that of normal phone calls at times.


How is VoIP different than Traditional Phone Systems?


When it comes to technical specifications, VoIP is not the same as a regular landline phone system. The circuit switching mechanism is used to connect calls in traditional telecommunication systems. In the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), you and the person you’re speaking to are both connected in a circuit.

The ‘circuit switching’ technique has been in use for more than a century. It’s dependable and still works, but it isn’t the most efficient or cost-effective method of transportation. Instead, VoIP relies on a technique known as ‘packet switching. Thus, data is only transmitted when it is required. Speaking creates a quick, immediate connection. There is no requirement for the connection to go both ways at all times. When you’re chatting to someone, you and they won’t generally be speaking at the same moment.


Which is the Best VoIP Phone Service?

The finest VoIP phone service is Nextiva, which we use and recommend at WPBeginner. All of their plans come with a free local or toll-free number.

In addition to calling routing and unlimited domestic voice calls, Nextiva also offers unlimited business SMS, voicemail to email and text, number porting, caller ID, and call forwarding as well as personalized greetings and music on hold. You can also use Nextiva as a phone extension for your team.


Once you have a clear understanding of your VoIP features and requirements, seek a VoIP service provider that matches your budget and can scale with your business needs. Take into account user feedback, the availability of live support, and the documentation available on the website. Whenever you’re in conversation with a VoIP service, make sure to inquire about any current promotions. You may be qualified for a free business VoIP phone or a substantial discount, depending on your dedication.

VoIP has an obvious advantage over traditional landlines for the majority of consumers. VoIP is the most cost-effective option, and it also has the most helpful functions. You won’t miss your old phone service after you make the transition to VoIP. Your company phone expense might be reduced by as much as 65%. And while you may not need VoIP call recording, you now know that there is so much to VoIP that you weren’t aware of before

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