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Exam Dumps The correct answer is an option of a USB token and pins the next question.

The options are proxy bb crack and the correct answer is option b bb proxy the next question. Is an ethical hacker for a large security research firm that performs penetration tests vulnerability. Tests and risk assessments a friend recently started a company and asks the hacker to perform penetration.

Test and vulnerability assessment of the new company as a favor. And mapping out a plan of attack and asking the employer for authorization. To perform the work outside the company begin the reconnaissance.

Phase with passive information gathering. Use social engineering techniques on the friend’s employees. To help identify areas that may be susceptible to attack the correct answer. If option b ask the employer for authorization. To perform the work outside the company the next question is you are looking.

Nik to like scan and the correct answer is option scan next question. Is in the field of cryptanalysis what is meant by a rubber. Hose attack the options are attempting to decrypt cipher text by making logical assumptions about the contents.

The original plain text forces the targeted key stream through a hardware-accelerated device. Or torture a backdoor placed into a cryptographic algorithm. By its creator and the correct answer is option extraction of cryptographic secrets through coercion or torture next question

Unnecessary filters the options are to defend against webserver. Attacks to defend against wireless attacks to defend against jailbreaking. To defend against social engineering attacks.

Is option non-repudiation next question. That allows an attacker to force an unsuspecting user’s browser to send malicious requests. They did not intend the options are command injection attacks. File injection attacks cross-site request forgery hidden field manipulation.

Attack and the correct answer is option c cross-site request forgery next question is windows. File servers commonly hold sensitive files databases passwords. That usually exposes them to the options are cross-site scripting. Exam Dumps are very unique and it helps me more in difficulties. I suggested trying one time.

SQL injection CRLF injection missing patches and the correct answer. Is the option missing patches next question is developers? At your company are creating a web application. Which will be available for use by anyone on the internet. The developers have taken the approach of implementing.

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Is the option an isolated VLAN network next question is a medium-sized healthcare business decides to implement a risk management strategy? The options are delegate avoid mitigate and accept and a correct answer is an option a delegate.

The options are burp suite openvas known as open vulnerability assessment scanner t-shark and kismet. And the correct answer is option d kismet the next question is some clients redirected to a militia site.

Administrator at found that they were victims of DNS cash poisoning. How should bob recommend dealing with such? A threat to the options are the use of double factor authentication and the use of security agents.

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The next question is how is sniffing broadly categorized. The options are active and passive broadcast and unicast unmanaged and managed. Filtered and unfiltered and a correct answer is an option active and passive. The next question is if a tester is attempting to ping a target that exists.

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The options are black hat hacker grey hat hacker white-hat hacker and suicide hacker and the correct answer. Is option b gray hat hacker the next question is which is a tool that can hide? Processes from the process list can hide file registry entries and intercept keystrokes. The options are scanner rootkit trojan backdoor the correct answer. In option b the next question results indicate that voice.


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Best matches the description the options are federal information security management. Health insurance portability and accountability act control objectives. For information and related technologies and the correct answer is an option. HIPAA for patiently watching hope this video was helpful.

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