Fasting in Shaban- Important days and Events of Shaban

Shaban is the month which comes between Rajab and Ramadan, It is the second month of worship in order to make arrangements for the great Fasting in Shaban- and magnificent Month of Ramadan- the most fasting and mercy. The Islamic calendar came to Muslim Ummah by some meaningful aim, the month of Shaban, Muslim knowns this month by the ” Month of Holy Prophet(S.A.W)”

Month of Shaban

Recommended Fasting in the Month of Shaban

Fast on the Thursdays of the Month of Ramadan has its great importance. It has been narrating that Heaven is beautifully decorated on each Thursday of a Shaban and Angels plead to Allah to pardon all the people who fast on that day. Fasting in Shaban- It is described by the Holy Prophet SAW that whoever fasts on Monday and Thursday of Shaban, Allah will achieve twenty of his worldly wishes and twenty of his wishes of the heart.

  • 1st Shaban
  • 2nd Shaban
  • 3rd Shaban
  • 1st Thursday of Shaban
  • Mid Shaban Wednesday
  • Last Thursday of Shaban
  • 13 Shaban
  • 14 Shaban
  • 15 Shaban

Hadith About The Month Of Shaban

Month of Shaban

“Shaban is my Month. Shaban cleanses the sins.”

-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Month of Shaban

This month is between Rajab and Ramadan ; People are ignorant of this month. It is the month in which the deeds are presented to the lord of the worlds. I want my deeds to be presented to Allah when I am fasting.

-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Month of Shaban

The messenger of Allah (PBUH) fasted so much in some months. We even thought he did not break his fast in that month. In some months he broke his fast so much that we would say he did not fast on any days in this month. I didn’t see the messenger of Allah (PBUH) fast on the whole month except Ramadan. I never saw his fast in any month more than he did in Shaban.

-Ayesha (RA)

Important Shaban Dates and Events

  • 1st Shaban: Birth of Zainab Bint Ali (RA)
  • 3rd Shaban: Birth of Hussain Ibn Ali (RA)
  • 4th Shaban: Birth of Abbas Ibn Ali (RA)
  • 5th Shaban: Birth of Ali Ibn Hussain (RA)
  • 5th Shaban:  Death of Hand-maiden (Qaneez) of Fatima (RA), Bibi Fiza
  • 7th Shaban: Birth of Qasim Ibn Hassan
  • 11th Shaban: Birth of Ali Akbar Ibn Hussain (RA)
  • 15th Shaban: Shab e barat or birth of Muhammad Al-mehdi

Recommended Tasweh (prayers) In The Month of Shaban

  • Subhan Allah-100 times
  • Alhumdullilah-100 times
  • Allah hu Akbar-100 times
  • Laa ilaha illAllah-100 times



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