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Funny Quotes that make you smile are very funny, own style quotes deliver you with the best funny Quotes images, that make you smile, when we are tired from the hectic routine, we need relaxation when we sudden read such type of memes a cute and loading smile comes on our face we feel fresh and forget all the hectic routine of the day,

This site provides the best funny attitude motivational, inspirational quotes about life which makes you happy, inspirational sad and relax it would be according to the situation,

People call that person mad who yelling at others but in actuality, they are not mad they are getting tired from the daily routine of hectic mornings and nights, he has nothing any fresh, their minds get stuck, he is unable to do anything. This problem is solved by these funny quotes, these make laugh even the serious or attitude person when the person laughs he forgets all his daily routines. It is good to make laugh other it is included in our humanity.

Funny quotes

Dosro ki Ami: ” Meri ulaad esa kar hi nahi sakti….”

Meri Ami: “Is ny hi kiya ho ga behn hm  khud is see tang hain….”


Funny quotes

Ajj bagg me kali ha… Kal gulab ho ga…

Muj se shadi karlo sawab ho ga…

Funny quotes

Ek saal se me shadi k liye joo wazifa parh raha that ….


Ajj kisi ny btaya k wo sudia Arab ka qomii trana ha….

Funny quotes

Tumhary husan per gazal likhni ha…..

Jao shabash moonh dho k aoo…

Funny quotes

Jinhain ham zehar lagte hai…

wo hmy kha k mar q nahi jaty…

Funny quotes

Auqat nahi ankhae milany ki…

Baat karty ha hamy mitany ki…

Funny quotes

Shareef hai is liye, kisi se larty nahi ….

zamana janta ha hum kisi se dartyy nahi…

Funny quotes

Aik mint Neend ki Qimat

Tum kya jano Alarm babu…

Funny quotes

Wo maza duniya k kisi kony me nahi…

Jo maza subah uth k dubara sony me hai….

Funny quotes

Muskarany ki wja tum ho…..

Pta hai Q?

Q k tumhari shakal hi asi hai k dekh kr hassi a jati hai…

Funny quotes

Agr kisi ko mujsy problem ha tu……

Wo mahrbani kr dustbin me dal Dein,,

Q k me tu asi hi rahu gi…

Funny quotes

50 mint taq sar khany k bad

girls be like

Choro tum nahi smjho gii,,

Funny quotes

So so kar thak gai hu….

Soch rahi hu.. Ab thora Aram kar lu…

Funny quotes

Zyada serious na raha kary…

Ap duniya me aye hai “ICU” me nhai…

Most people get serious in life, they swing their mood as that of ICU, because it is a place where we take the serious patients who have to fight with their life.

Funny quotes

Koi Meri post sy mutasir b ho raha ha..

Ya me Avi lagi hiu hoo>>

Sometimes when we try to make people happy with our talks, then we think is there anyone take interest in my quotes or not…..

Funny quotes

Shukar ha samjdari pr koi tax nahi..

Wrna mjy hazaro rupy dyny prty…

In every country, tax on everything, some cute people thanks to God that there is no tax on beauty, they say: if there is a tax on the beauty they have to give a lot of money as tax. hahaha…

Funny quotes

Meri mama ko artugral is liye pasand ha ….

Q k is me kisi k b pass mobile nahi ha….

Mobile is the most important thing to which youngs has to face insult mom say you use mobile all the times you don’t focus on your studies, even she says wrong about mobile it is bone of contention between you…
Funny quotes

Nobody is perfect ….

I am nobody.

So I am perfect…

These some quotes are for you, these little things make you all happy and cute look seem cute, no one knows the worth of making happy other, it is the good deed to help others in his life, it is also a way to help by making them smile because when we upset we can not do our proper work, we do not have to focus on our aim, then laughing therapy is the best thing.  Everyone needs laughing therapy in his life, it is good for health and for our mental condition.

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