Guide to Choose the Right Bunk Bed for Your Kids


There are many advantages of getting a bunk bed for your kids. Some benefits include having more space for play, side spaces, and a loft setting. You can also save a lot of money by buying a set that features an adjustable base. Below are some tips for choosing a bunk bed for kids. Make sure to read our article on safety to make the right choice for your kids. There are many benefits to choosing a bunk bed for your kids. so you can find one that meets all your needs and budget.

Full over full bunk bed


When your kids are older, you may want to consider a full-over twin bunk bed. This style typically has an average height and length of 68″ and is 42″ wide at the top and 60″ wide at the bottom.  They offer a great amount of sleeping space for multiple children and are an excellent solution for sharing.  A room with an older sibling or three younger siblings.  There are many different types of bunk beds, and you can easily personalize the space by selecting a different style.


When choosing the right size of full over a twin bunk bed, remember that not all beds are the same height. Take your child’s height into consideration. Ensure the height of the top bunk is high enough for your child to sit up and get out of bed without hitting their head. Also, remember that children grow and are taller, so keep this in mind when purchasing. For safety reasons, always look for full over full bunk beds that are made of solid wood, rather than particle board.


A full-over twin bunk bed is a great choice for two children of varying ages. A full over full bunk bed is a good choice for three or more children. As it offers more sleeping space. While it does take up a bit more space than a twin over a twin bunk bed, this option offers the best value in the long run. It also has the best capacity for weight.

Side spaces


One important feature to consider when choosing a bunk bed for your child is side space. A side space should be at least two feet wide to prevent accidental head hits. Depending on the child’s age, a smaller space may be OK, but older kids will likely understand that they should slowly climb up. If possible, look for a bed that includes a side space. The following are some other considerations for choosing the right type of bunk bed for kids.


Make sure the guardrails rise at least five inches above the mattress. A low guardrail may be unsafe, and the child could fall out of bed. You should also make sure the gap between the bed frame and the bottom of the guardrail is no wider than 3.5 inches. In addition, you should also look for a guardrail that has a full-length rail to prevent a child’s head from becoming wedged


Whether your child is ready to sleep on the top bunk or needs more space for play, choose a bed with ample side space. The extra space can be turned into a study area or comfortable seating area. To make use of this area, you may also want to add a storage cupboard or bookcase. Also, don’t forget to include a powerful light source. This will help them focus.

Loft settings


When buying a bunk bed for your kids, you must consider the number of children you plan to sleep on it. Consider the age and ability level of each child and the number of kids you plan to have in the bed. You should also take into consideration the design of the bed. If your kids are too small to use a bunk bed, you can buy a smaller version. It is essential that your children feel safe and secure in the bunk.


Before buying a bunk bed, you must measure the space. You should determine the height of the ceiling and the distance between the top bunk and the ceiling. We must leave at least thirty inches of clearance between the top bunk and the ceiling to prevent your child from hitting their head on it. You should also consider whether the bed has a ladder. The ladder will be a safety feature for your kids. Remember to check the safety measures of the bed and train your children to adhere to them.


Ensure that the height of the bunk bed is right for the ceiling. The height of a loft bed should be 32 inches from the ceiling. It is better to choose a loft bed made of solid wood instead of particleboard, which is made of smaller flakes of wood glued together. This can compromise the safety of your child’s bed. This guide will help you choose the right bunk bed for your kids.



When selecting a bunk bed for your children, safety should be your number one concern. A poorly-built bunk bed can become a safety hazard in a matter of seconds. If you do not install a guard rail along the bottom side of the bed, your child can accidentally fall and be strangled. You should also avoid placing your kids’ beds near windows, ceiling fans, or doors, as these can pose a hazard. Make sure the bed features guard rails on all sides to prevent your child from becoming wedged between the wall and the bed.


In addition to safety, consider the design of the bunk bed. While a bunk bed is a great way to increase storage space, it should not be placed in a place where it could be dangerous for your children. For example, a bunk bed should be at least two meters away from a window or light fitting. When placing a bunk bed against a wall, you should make sure it has a guard rail, which prevents a child from falling or rolling off the top bunk. A bunk bed should also be placed in a corner of the room, where it will be out of reach of small children.


In addition to safety, remember to consider the age and weight limits. While most accidents on a bunk bed occur when kids are playing on it, older children may be more likely to be injured from falling out. In this case, a normal bed may be a better option. Always check the weight limit of the bunk bed before you purchase it. Once you know the weight limit, you can decide whether it is right for your child.



There are two main sizes of bunk beds for kids. The first is called the twin, and the second is called the full, and they are both about the same size. The height of the entire package is about 63 to 65 inches. The standard size of a bunk bed for kids is 39 inches wide and 70 inches long. The full size has 15 inches more side-to-side space, which is ideal for older kids.


The height of a bunk bed can vary and is an important factor in choosing a suitable one for a child’s room. It affects the height of the top bunk and the space between the two. You should also consider the height of the top bunk, because your child may want to read a book or have a parent sit with him or her. Buying a full-sized bed will allow the child to read without having to lean forward, and will give them more room to spread out.


Standard bunk beds are about 80 inches long when assembled. They fit two standard mattresses of approximately 75 inches. Shorty bunk beds are about 50 to 60 inches long and are also a great choice for smaller bedrooms. Some come with lower bunks, so if your child is small, a twin size is still the best choice. For extra comfort and safety, shorty beds can be adjusted to accommodate a smaller child.



When choosing a bunk bed, you must take the age of your children into consideration. While one child may be able to sit comfortably in the middle of the bed, another child might be tall enough to sit on the top bunk. You must also consider the height of the top bunk with respect to the ceiling. If your children are younger than two, it would be better to choose a twin-over-twin bed.


If your children are still toddlers, you may want to get a model that has a lower, top, and side bunk. Lower bunks often have drawers to store school supplies, and the top bunk can be used as a reading nook. The best way to select a style for your kids’ bunk beds is to choose one that will match the rest of your bedroom’s style.

The ending words

Besides the size and design, the other features that you should consider are the number of kids to be accommodated by the bed, the safety rails on the sides, and the position of the ladder. This guide will help you choose the right style for your kids’ beds. You will surely find a design that matches your child’s room decor. If you are looking for a more contemporary bed, you can look for a wooden one.

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