Since October 2017, Windows 10 has been freezing significantly more than expected. (That is when Microsoft delivered the Fall Creators Update.)

Tragically, these freezes happen arbitrarily and absent a lot of helpful criticism. This isn’t simply frustrating yet, what’s more, makes it a lot harder to examine. Notwithstanding, the elevating news is, that it will in general be fixed.


MIGHTY PC CLEANER offers us a staggering course on How To Solve Your Computer Freezing Problem. In particular, allow your computer an opportunity to recover from the freeze subsequently. Regularly, two or three minutes will be sufficient to check whether a computer can decide the genuine issue

Regularly, it will be an item-related issue or your computer has such an enormous number of ventures working at any once, making it freeze.

Surprising issues, for instance, lacking hard-plate space or ‘driver’- related issues moreover can make a computer freeze.

Why Does My Computer Freeze?

Relatively few things are more perplexing than being in an endeavor or watching a video when your computer freezes. Whether it’s your cursor is frozen still or the Blue Screen of Death, the fix requires a manual reboot of your computer. That infers you risk losing all that you were managing before the freeze. A better decision is to fathom the possible purposes behind computer freezes and the means you can take to hold them back from happening.


Attempt these fixes

The following are a couple of fixes that have assisted different clients with settling their ‘Windows 10 freezes haphazardly’ issue. You should not have to attempt them all; simply work your direction down the rundown until you track down the one that works for you.


  • Update your system drivers
  • Clear your computer’s temp records
  • Change your virtual memory
  • Fix your framework records
  • Run a memory check of the system

Update your system drivers


The Windows 10 freezing issue can be brought about by obsolete drivers. So to fix the issue, you can attempt to refresh the drivers. On the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity, persistence, or computer abilities to refresh the drivers physically, you can do it consequently with Driver Easy.


Driver Easy will subsequently see your system and find the right drivers for it. You don’t have to know precisely the exact thing framework your computer is running, you don’t have to risk downloading and introducing some unacceptable driver, also, you don’t need to worry about committing a mistake while presenting it.


You can revive your drivers thusly with either the FREE or the Pro type of Driver Easy. Yet, with the Pro variant all that’s needed is 2 ticks (and you get full help and a 30-day unconditional promise):

Clear your computer’s temp records


On the off chance that Windows needs more space to store temp documents, it can dial back or even freeze. So you ought to clear them routinely.


1) On your console, press the Windows key and R simultaneously, then, at that point, in the Run structure, type temp and hit Enter. This will conjure Windows Explorer with your Temp organizer open, showing you all the temp records on your computer.


2) Select every one of the documents in the Temp envelope and erase them.


Assuming Windows 10 is still arbitrarily freezing in the wake of clearing your temp documents, attempt the following fix.

Change your virtual memory


Virtual memory is essentially an expansion of your computer’s actual memory. It is a mix of RAM and a part of your hard drive. On the off chance that your computer runs out of RAM while playing out an escalated task, Windows will plunge into virtual memory for brief document stockpiling.


1) On your console, press the Windows key and Pause/Break key simultaneously. Then pick Advanced System Settings on the left board


2) Go to the Advanced tab, then click the Settings option.


3) Go to the Advanced tab once more, and pick Change… in the Virtual memory segment.


4) Ensure the Automatically oversee paging document size for all drives checkbox isn’t ticked.


5) Select your windows drive (the hard drive or segment that has Windows introduced on it – normally C:), and enter an Initial size and Maximum size for your virtual memory:

Fix your system files


Bad, harmed, or missing framework documents can make Windows haphazardly freeze. To check if this is the specific reason, you can either utilize the Windows worked-in device to run a fundamental check or utilize a programmed apparatus to play out a total determination.


  • Choice 1 – Automatically (Recommended) Utilize a maintenance device to look at different regions in your computer to decide the reason for Windows 10/11 freezing. It will manage issues connected with framework blunders, and basic situation records and track down the right fix for you.
  • Choice 2 – Manually Framework File Checker is an implicit device to check for bad, harmed framework records and figure out how to re-establish them if there’re any. Nonetheless, this apparatus can analyze significant framework records, and won’t manage harmed DLL, Windows Registry key, and so on.

Run a memory check of the system


A defective memory card is one of the most widely recognized reasons for computer freezes. So before you put resources into another computer, verify whether your memory card is to blame. Microsoft has an inherent device to assist you with doing this.


1) On your console, hold the Windows logo key and press R simultaneously to summon a Run order. Type mdsched.exe in the run box and hit Enter.


2) If you need to check for issues right away, click Restart now and check for problems(recommended). To check later, click Check for issues the following time I start my computer.


3) Windows will then, at that point, restart, and you’ll see this page showing the advancement of the check and the number of passes it will run on memory.

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