Last day of the year quotes, poetry, wishes, images to share on 31 December 2021

Ending of the December is just like the arrival of the December people are enjoying and performing various activities, a source of pleasure for the folk same the ending of December is full of sorrow, lonely (Judai), wildness because the new year is coming and people forget all the pleasure of the December and recess for the new things of the new years. Read your favorite December Shayari, New POETRY stuff collection in Urdu – the Best collection of love, romantic, sad, and other related poetry stuff. Humare Hal Per Roya December Woh Dekho Toot Ker Barsa DecemberGuzar Jata Hai Sara Saal.

December ab k ago to Urdu poetry – watch this video, or you can download it here. December Poetry, December images December Collection, Poetry About December, December Urdu PoetryDecember Last Night Poetry is describing you in  Dec 2021. December Ab Bhi Tera intazar kr raha Ye Saal Bhi Aakhir Beet Gaya ye saal b  here. December is the most beautiful time of the year.

Last Day Of December 2021 Poetry

In December ring Every time the gong; Loud the musician sing In the streets their merry harmony. Let us by the fire Ever higher Sing them till the night expire Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.”

If we make it through December, everything’s gonna be alright, I know; it’s the coldest time of winter and I shiver when I see the falling snow.” – Merle pale  I wish winter and fall when you feel the bone frame of the landscape–the solitude of it, the dead reflex of winter. existence waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show. When December comes, can ‘The not cured be far behind, No, it can’t – not in America, anyway. December 25th has become guilt and compulsion. Phil donator Check these more than pleasing December saying and quotes to gild your calendar cards beautifully. remember this December, That love weighs more than gold.

Last day of December

Interstellar before they’re discovered

too late their love uncovered

they should know better

it’s death for forbidden love together

Happy 31st December!…


Last day of December

Happy first day of December!

  Good morning

Last day of December

31st December

Let us thank God

who is merciful

and ever at our side

Last day of December


Last day of December


I wish you new year’s eve & 31ST December

from the bottom of my heart. May God give

You have the happiness and strength to overcome

your past year’s failures.

Last day of December

Bhul jao bite huye kal ko,

Dil me basalo aane wale kal ko,

Muskarao chahe jo bhi ho pal,

Khushiya leker ayega aane wala kal,

31st December to all.

Last day of December

we are at the ending point of this year. Just

thought I should thank everyone who made

me smile. you are of them so here goes..

Thank you and a very new years eve & 31st December

Last day of December

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning

but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience

can instill in us. Cheers to a new year

and another chance for us to get it right.

Happy 31st December 11

Last day of December

Hope you scatter joy and happiness wherever

you go all 365 days of the upcoming year and

get the same in return. Happy New Year Eve

& 31st December to you and your family!!!

Last day of December


Dear New Year, Please let me, my family, my colleagues, my clients, and my friends be just

Main Kisi kay dast-e-talab main hoon

Tou kisi kay harf e dua main hoon.

Mein naseeb hoon kisi aur ka,

Mujhe maangta koi aur hai.


Mujhe Yaad hai abhi tak
Jab barsti tap tap karti rim jimm mein

Haan December ki is Thatrti
Sard raat ki pehli Barish mein

Us ne mujh say kaha tha
“Mujhe Barishein sard mosam ki bohat Pasand hain”

Sard Mosam ki Barishon mein sb ka rakhne wala
Mere Lehjey mein sard-pan utar gea hai

Meri zaat mein Ajab tarz ki
Ik Thandak utar gai hai

Mein jisko Choo loon
Woh Baraf ka Mehboos ho jata hai

Usay sard mosam ki Barish say kea Nisbat thi

Barf K Shehar Mein Rehny Wala Ik Ik Fard December Tha..


Pichly Saal K Akhir Mein Bhi Hairat Mein Hum Teeno Thy..

Ik Main Tha, Ik Tanhai Thi Or Ik Bedard December Tha.!!

Kon Jany Agly December

Waqt_Hy_Jhonka Hawa Ka
OR Ham Peely Patty Faqat.!

Kon Jany Agly December
Tum Kahan OR Hum Kahan…?



Kuch New Sochtey Hai


Har sal hum kuch sochtey hein

Kabhi tum ko door

Kabhi pass patey hein

Har saal tumhe kuch naya deney ki try kartey hein

Aur sal gift aur dua detey hein

Happy new year.


Usse Kehna

December lot aaya hay!
Hawaein sird hain aur vaadiyan Bhi dhund me gum hain!
Paharo ne baraf ki shaal
phir se orh rakhi hay!
Sbhi raste tumhari yaad me pur’nm se lagte hain!
Jinhe Sharf-e-Musafat tha!
Wo saare cards, wo perfume, wo chhoti C diary!
Wo teris, wo chaye, jo ham ne sath me P thi!
Tumhari yaad laate hn!
Tumhe wapis bulate hn!
Usse kehna K dekho yun satao na!
December lot aaya hy!
Tum laut aao na….!


The month of vacations and festivity is upon us, and we can certainly not let it pass without sharing some delightful December Quotes.

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