Maintenance Tips For Freshly Painted House

If you have painted your walls recently you always wonder how long it will last. One can maintain a fresh look by following tips before and after Painting maintaining Tips. here’s the Tips For Freshly Painted House.

Maintenance Tips For Freshly Painted House

Use Of High-Quality Material

It’s not always the quality of Paints but also the quality of other materials used before and during the Painting process that gives a high-quality finish to wall paints.

  • Use of Putty

The use of putty in the walls helps to prepare the base for the Paint. Putty used must be of high quality and according to local weather conditions and paint to be used thereafter. 


  • Use Of Primer

Primer is the material that is used after Putty and before Paint. So, before applying primer makes sure putti is labeled well with sandpaper, then apply primer.


  • Use of Color

Choosing color is important but first, make up your mind whether you need Oil based or Water based color. Then while choosing a color make sure you choose right on whether it is semi-glossy or glossy etc.  


Use of Best Painting Tools And Methods

Painting is not an easy task so Painting should be done by professional Painters. Easy Services provides the best Painters for your home. Professional painters have the right skills to handle tools used for painting. Painters with their experience in the field know methods to handle tasks and give you your desired results.

  • Professional Painters know how to use the brush as they know from their experience which no brush is to be used and for what purpose.
  • Painters who are well experienced know well the use of rollers and use them to paint and make different shades or textures on walls.
  • A painter knows the best use of patching materials.
  • Painters know the well the best use of spraying equipment.

Keeping Stock Of Leftover Paints

Paints that remain after painting should be kept and stored in a proper way. The remaining paints can be used later for touch-ups and doing minor paintwork. To store paints in a proper way keep these things in mind

  • Paint should be kept in an airtight container preferably in the same container if possible.
  • Mark the container with color code so, that it is easy to remember.
  • Paint should be kept in a place where it is not affected by changes in season. 

Maintenance Tips

To keep your freshly painted walls looking shining and lasting for as long as possible you have to do the following 


A dusting of walls and ceilings is required on a regular to keep any dust and dirt to remain on the walls which makes them tough to clean. Regular interval of dusting keeps the dust on the wall free and looks clean.


The Washing of walls is possible nowadays with improved technology in paint which is not possible a few years ago. Washing your walls after dusting washes away any dust which remains after washing.


Cleaning of walls is possible nowadays as washing. Clean walls using soft liquid soaps and a sponge will help spot cleaning if any. It helps to keep your walls dirt free and helps to look your walls and home cleaner.

Avoid Hard cleaning Agent

To clean walls or hard strains spots on walls don’t use any hard chemicals which may damage the color of the paint. Always use a gentle cleaning agent which will clean the area and restore its color.

Flat Paint Wall Cleaning

Flat paints are less durable. So, while cleaning them use very gentle soap solutions and use the sponge in a gentle way so that only dust and dirt are cleaned off. It does not damage wall paint.

Semi-glossy or Glossy Paint Wall Cleaning   

These paints have long durability and are generally used in kitchens, bathrooms, store rooms, etc. While cleaning these walls keep in mind if these were oily or greasy. If found so use degreaser in small amount while cleaning. 

Latex paint wall cleaning

Latex paints are high gloss paints used to paint large areas. Use gentle soap solution and sponge and clean the surfaces with soft hands. It will clean the area.

Oil-Based Paint Wall Cleaning

Oil-based paints give long lasting durability than water-based paints. To clean water-based paints make a vinegar solution and clean it with the help of a clean cloth. The sponge can also be used for cleaning. Gentle to deep cleaning may be required as per dirtiness on the wall.

Oil-based color walls can also be cleaned using a borax solution by mixing it with water in a proportionate manner and then cleaning it off with a scrubber, sponge, or cloth.

Keep away Scratches

Scratches are a big issue after newly painted walls. The Scratches not only look ugly but also like scars on walls. Scratches appear on the wall due to the constant movement of furniture like Tables, chairs, etc. While adjusting it comes in contact with the wall or if unknowingly your chair touches the walls, it leaves scratches on the wall. Other decorative items like paintings or wall hangings may also leave scratches.

Kid’s supervision 

Kids like to play around and like to draw wherever they like. They draw with different materials like Pens, Pencils, Crayons, and what not? So kid’s supervision is required after newly painted homes or walls. If kids were not supervised they will mark every corner while playing and this looks very dirt on the walls. Some of the strains may be cleaned some may not. While cleaning their color may fade away. This may also give permanent scratches to walls and may need repainting.

Retouching or Repainting

Retouching is done if the color fades away while cleaning or to cover scratches in walls due to different reasons. The Retouching is done using Left over paints so that it matches with previously done walls. It is done to control damages due to various reasons.

Exterior walls Paint Maintenance

The exterior walls of the house also need maintenance like the Interior walls. While Home painting exterior walls or Home outside always keep in mind the local weather conditions. It helps to choose what color to do. Always use good quality paints which are easily washable and low on maintenance.

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