NGOs that provide household help


Volunteers’ resolve is strengthened by the pandemic, but it’s easy to get paralyzed by insecurities about their ability to change things. Thankfully, there is an internet remedy. You can collaborate with charities that send volunteers door-to-door.

NGOs that provide household help

1. A special light base


An Indian nonprofit organization called UniqueLight Foundation operates there. They collaborate with educational institutions to give girls and young moms the tools they require to understand reproductive health and impart preparedness skills. The organization also works with visually impaired children, provides health examinations and advice, and organizes a campaign to raise awareness of the factors that can be avoided that lead to blindness.


You can volunteer online to help UniqueLightFoundation update its website if you have free time and a passion for networking. You can raise awareness and continue to raise money to support fantastic things by keeping your website updated and working.

2. Speech and art

Are you into the arts? A group called Talking Through Art, which is founded in India, offers jobs in the arts to persons with disabilities who live in at-risk neighbourhoods. It was established in 2015 and has roughly 80 members at this time who produce traditional Rwandan arts and crafts for just compensation. The online ngo volunteer also provides art and drama therapy to participants in order to increase their self-esteem and raise their confidence.


Although Talking Through the Arts provides live volunteer opportunities in India, it can also be quite beneficial to volunteer from home. The group must assist in researching and writing funding bids if the programme is to continue. You can volunteer at home while working if you have a computer.

3. The Foundation for Film 4 Peace

When I have leisure time at home, I prefer to use Films4Peace to watch more TV and movies. The charity, which is based in Andhra, India, uses video to promote social harmony. The non-profit group, which was established in 2010, organises film festivals and screenings to advance ideals like tolerance, peace, and diversity in the area.


Films4Peace consistently extends its assistance in the pursuit of the ultimate objective of fostering enduring peace in the neighbourhood through volunteer opportunities in India. You might not be able to participate, make a brochure or report for the programme, work on a Facebook page, prepare a grant application, or volunteer online. However, you could be able to design a brochure or report for the 225,000 Americans who online ngo volunteer for development and peace overseas.


4. Online volunteering can have a positive impact.

The world would be a better place and more connected if more people volunteered. Volunteering is also good for your health and wellbeing. Spending time on a valuable base is the best approach to make a difference in the world, even if you are unable to travel. Looking for additional at-home volunteer opportunities? Those interested in applying can choose from a wide variety of non-profit organisations on GivingWay that provide volunteer opportunities in India. Check out these online volunteer possibilities if Grace at Home interests you, then apply to start changing lives right away

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