Packages and Itinerary of kedarkantha trek:-


The price of the Kedar Kantha trek is itinerary and cancellation policy things to be packed. The length of this trek is 20km and it’s 12,500 ft only. The range of the Himalayas is the best majestic peaks of the great trek. In this the trek is more popular with numerous hikes of fascinates of the country for experts and beginners are winter.  These trek visitors have to be curated by mind and love the serenity. The nature of adventure of its unpredictable trails and mystical valleys are there. In this spectacular view, the popular capped Mountain range offers the finishing trek. There are some visible summit ranges such as Gangotri, Black peak, Swargarohini, Yamunotri  ETC. 

the throat of Lord Shiva

This has the legends and mythical stories and has to be associated with Lord Shiva. This can translate to the throat of Lord Shiva of the summit. This has charm and folklores and local myths of better. This has spent the night at the designated homestay and retired to bed. This was the briefing session of our leader and proceeded towards the checkpoint in Juda Ka Taal and its campsite. 

Swargarohini Mountains

This has an amazing lunch and dinner like the Swargarohini Mountains. Mostly the Next begins the trek of elevation on the base camp of the Kedar Kantha trek.  Thus has a minimum 11,200 ft height of sea level. It has the feasting of hot lunch and fun activities like snowball fights while staying at base camp. It can be witnessed in the high and low of the trek. This trek has magical sunsets also there to watch. The dawn pours off the sky and the trek will be filled with joy and peace. It makes me exhausted and feel entirely at peace with all the tension and makes me happy and enjoy a lot. 

Difficulty Level of the trek               

  The separation of this trek falls under the category of rest treks at moderate trek. This is friendly and beginners of the greater Himalayas are satisfied.  In the winter months, the area of Juda Ka Taal is very cool and this route is also completely frozen. In golden illumination are surfaces like diamonds and also sunlight glistens are available. The way to enjoy the beautiful picturesque view is along the way. This has to do with the local culture and course of cuisine in the Kedar Kantha trek.  This trek is made by homegrown plantations to take Red Rice. It keeps the body warm and healthy for the Kedar Kantha people. 


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 Short Itinerary:-

          In the Kedar Kantha trek first, we need to start our trek from Dehradun To the Sankri base village also. Thus could have the 198 km Are there. This could be completed by doing an 8-hour drive minimum. The trek starts from Sankri only. Hotels and honestly places are designed for our check-in process and have the count of them and leisure advised to relax to take dinner and stay overnight in Sankri village only for relaxation. In Sankri the  Railway station of Dehradun is the pickup point of this trek. In visiting the village of Sankri we need to go on the Juda Ka Taal trek. It’s a minimum of 9050 ft and 4 km from the village of Sankri. After completing the breakfast we needed to explain the session later we went into Dense Pine Forest. This has a lower altitude than taal itself. At this campsite, all people are having lunch and some rest and spending a happy evening at the campsite. The Swargarohini is a wonderful view of this trek. This is nearly 11200ft. 


It is 3km from the campsite. Later we played some fun games. Later we should have gone through Kedar Kantha peak it’s nearly 12,500 ft only and back also there to Hargon at 9050ft only. In Kedar Kantha, the peak view is so enjoyable and you can witness the beautiful sunrise on top. Later we reached the Hargon of Sankri Base Village. This is a 4km trek only from Kedar Kantha peak.  We had lunch at a designated hotel. 


         Seeing its beautiful valleys along with nature. Sunrise and sunset will be watched here only. This is one of the favorite winter treks of Uttarakhand in Himachal Pradesh.  This can be bought for in the winter season only. This trek can apply the minimum and maximum charges and may apply to low-budget people from Dehradun to the Kedar Kantha trek. Same as but the trek starts from Delhi the budget charge will be more than Dehradun.  And some people are offered the guide in forest permit, transportation ETC is services available on this trek. 

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