The Characteristics of Nurses


The Characteristics of Nurses

Nursing is a profession characterized by the use of clinical judgment in providing health care. Nurses provide care for the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and wellness for individuals, families, communities, and populations. They are advocates in health care and help sick or well people perform activities that contribute to their health. Nurses provide care for children, the elderly, and those with disabilities. Listed below are some characteristics of nurses. Those who want to become nurses should consider taking the courses that will prepare them for this field.

Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health

As an integrated part of a health care system, nursing is concerned with the prevention and treatment of illness and injury and the care of the ill and disabled of all ages. Nursing is concerned with human responses to health problems and their prevention, from immediate reactions to illness to long-term policy development that will improve a population’s overall health. Nursing professionals are responsible for the quality of care that they provide.

It is the advocacy in health care for individuals, families, communities, and populations

In addition to patient advocacy, health policy is an important part of healthcare. Individual advocates advocate on behalf of patients, while broad healthcare advocacy works to implement the most recent research into practice. This includes pushing for better partnerships within the healthcare industry and health policies that take into account factors like poverty. Health advocates help patients and communities make informed decisions about their health. They also help them receive the care they need.

It is a diverse profession

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the number of minority nurses in baccalaureate programs is at 34.2%. This is a troubling statistic because nursing is a profession that relies on diversity for patient care. Regardless of race, nurse-training programs must make an effort to hire faculty who come from diverse backgrounds. For example, Betty Smith Williams was the first Black person to teach at a college level in California.

It is a calling

In this study, the role of calling and motivation are explored. The researchers questioned registered nurses in five hospitals. Seventy percent of them responded to the questionnaire. Those nurses who were considered dedicated to their profession were more likely to be knowledgeable about patients’ illnesses and maladjustments. They also understood the importance of family relationships and were more likely to provide care to patients’ families. However, nurses who were not committed to their jobs had lower self-images. This may have been due to the fact that they were taught by their parents, not their own parents.

It is a career

Nursing has practical benefits that cannot be underestimated. Many people view nurses as ethical and honest, and a Gallup Poll showed that most Americans view nurses as one of the most honest and ethical professions. However, a nursing career is not without its challenges. Nurses must learn patience and compassion, and their job requires them to foster positive relationships with patients. Working long hours and standing for long periods of time can cause health problems, including varicose veins.

It is a profession

The profession of nursing is characterized by the use of standardized knowledge and action to provide health care. Nurses are trained to consider all aspects of an individual’s health, from the physical to the emotional and mental, as well as the social and spiritual. Throughout their careers, nurses seek to protect, promote, and alleviate the suffering of others. The nursing profession is also distinguished by strong commitment, long-term education, and the application of a specialized body of knowledge and skill. 

It is a degree

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, the BSN degree is another option for nurses. This four-year program is usually completed at a college or university, and gives graduates a broader education than the associate degree program. Among the benefits of earning this degree is a higher salary, more job options, and advancement in the job market. If you are considering pursuing a degree in nursing, here are some important things to know.


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