Where to Find Online Digital Marketing Courses Free

There are many places where you can find online digital marketing courses for free. Some of these places are Udemy, Simplilearn, Google, and LinkedIn Learning. You can also sign up for a subscription to Udemy or Simplilearn to receive digital marketing training. However, these options are not completely free and you may have to pay a monthly fee. For more information on how to find the best courses, check out our guide to the top five sites for online learning.

Where to Find Online Digital Marketing Courses Free


If you want to learn about digital marketing, then you should enroll in a course. There are many free online courses available, but it’s best to start with the ones that offer the most information. Udemy’s Digital Marketing 101 course will teach you the basics of the industry. It doesn’t require any prior experience and is ideal for beginners. You’ll find more advanced courses on the site, too.

Most of the free digital marketing courses on Udemy are self-paced, which means that you can learn at your own pace. While there’s a general length of each course, most students schedule the lessons around their lives. You can expect to spend a few hours studying before you’re done. But don’t worry – a free course can help you learn the fundamentals of digital marketing quickly and effectively.


Whether you’re a recent graduate or a working professional switching careers, an online course in digital marketing can be a great way to get ahead in your career. Simplilearn’s online courses are a great way to get started on your new career and become industry ready. While online courses may not be as prestigious as university courses, they have several advantages. One is that they are less competitive and don’t require you to obtain a degree. Additionally, you don’t have to sacrifice your time to complete an online course – perfect for working professionals.

This course is aimed at those who have a basic understanding of statistics and writing skills. You must be ready to commit to a career in digital marketing if you want to complete the course. If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, there are a variety of courses designed for those who already have some experience in the field. If you’re ready to jump into the digital marketing field, this course is probably the best choice.


For those who are looking for a free course that will teach them the fundamentals of digital marketing, Google’s Digital Garage offers several options. Its free Digital Marketing Course is a great way to refresh your knowledge of the field and learn about the latest tools and technologies. You can also complete the course at your own pace. Its instructors include Google-certified marketers and web developers who have extensive experience working with big brands. It’s highly recommended for those who want to learn how to build a website, generate leads, and drive traffic.

The course is made up of 26 modules that cover fundamental topics in digital marketing. Instructors include marketing veteran Paul Lewis, Google product strategy expert Stephane Hamel, Certified Knowledge founder Brad Geddes, and Matt Bailey. You’ll also learn how to create your own website, set up ads on Google, and plan an online business strategy. You’ll also learn how to get noticed online and get a certificate to prove it.

LinkedIn Learning

If you’re on the fence about taking a course on LinkedIn, you can get started with a free course. These courses are designed to teach you the basics of digital marketing. You can learn how to optimize your profile for search engines and make it more visually appealing. In addition, you’ll learn how to create compelling content and use social media to increase your online presence. Each course includes videos, projects, and a quiz.

If you’re a student or a professional looking to boost your career, LinkedIn Learning offers a number of free online digital marketing courses. These courses cover all aspects of social media marketing, including paid advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimization. More than 100 instructors, both from industry professionals and academics, teach LinkedIn courses to help you develop your business skills. They also cover mandatory digital marketing concepts and strategies. This means that no matter what your industry, there’s a course available for you.


If you’re looking for free digital marketing courses online, try Optinmonster. The free courses teach email marketing, conversion optimization, and content marketing. Beginners and intermediate users alike can benefit from this course, which also covers SEO and eCommerce optimization. If you’re new to digital marketing, consider the free courses. There are no prerequisites for enrolling in the courses, which makes them an ideal resource for beginning digital marketers.

Optinmonster’s free online courses are designed for beginners. These courses include video lessons, e-books, checklists, and downloadable guides. The courses are designed to take one hour each. Since most of the content is for beginners, it may be suitable for people who are currently working full time. However, if you’re unsure about the time commitment, you can also sign up for paid subscriptions to Optinmonster. Subscription fees range from $9 to $49 per month.

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia offers free online digital marketing courses to educate students about the importance of branding and the latest digital marketing trends. Students can enroll in the online course Brand Storytelling to learn about strategic messaging and all forms of advertising. They will also learn about various statistical methods and forecasting techniques used to understand consumer behavior. Moreover, they will be able to use these tools to develop tailored advertising campaigns. In addition, the courses will help students develop the necessary skills to create and manage digital media strategies.

The University of Georgia offers free online classes to students who want to earn an online degree. The university is home to some of the most renowned undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields. All programs are managed by some of the best minds in their respective fields. These free UGA online classes will help you develop your career in any field. The free online classes of UGA will help you learn about various digital marketing strategies, which can help you to build a profitable business. Click here to read more

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